Taylor swift: A love story.

“I’m dancing on my own//make the moves up as I go”

I love Taylor Swift. (A bit too much if you believe the restraining order). That’s right, I’m a 29 year old mother, with a raging crush on a 24 year old pop star (25 this week, fact fans).

My love affair with Taylor Swift started in 2008, when I discovered her song, ‘Love Story’. I was hopelessly obsessed with the ‘romance’ that was the Twilight saga. (I have since seen the light about this twisted tale of ‘love’, that’s a blog for another day…. ) and that song just helped to perpetuate my long held belief that love could be a fairy tale.

Fast forward several years, and my love for her hasn’t diminished. Only now, I respect her for being brave enough to talk (sing) about her heartbreak so publicly. And that IS brave. Writing about ex boyfriends isn’t a cop out.. We all bitch and whine about it to our girl friends, but would we really all want the world to know how we fell for a guy, only to get screwed over? Taylor doesn’t care. She’ll tell the world about it. She’s unashamedly….female. Which, believe it or not, isn’t a bad thing. And even though she’s often writing about failed relationships, you don’t feel sorry for her.  Her music is becoming more and more defiant by the album. Criticise her? She’ll just Shake it Off. Piss her off? She’ll write a song about you.

This reminds me of another of my pet hates; music snobs. So she’s a pretty girl singing pop songs about boys and heartbreak. Slow the same song down, get an indie band to sing it, whilst playing guitars and I’ll bet the same critics will be singing to a different tune.

What else do I love about her? Oh yes, she takes the piss out of herself; she looks like EXCELLENT fun; she loves cats; and her lyrics make excellent memes for posting to Instagram when you want to bitch about someone in a passive aggressive way.

From now on, I’m going to try and be a bit more Taylor. So watch out; piss me off and I might just write a blog about you…

Skinny bitch x

P.S. Taylor, if you’re reading this, let’s hook up. You bring the cats, I’ll bring the tea.

2 thoughts on “Taylor swift: A love story.

  1. If you’re not allowed to like Taylor Swift purely on music grounds, imagine the predicament I’m in then… guys are not allowed to even look in her general direction 🙂 I love her music though. And Miley. So shoot me now 🙂 lol


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