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A letter to my teenage self


It’s me. Well, you. You’re about to hit 30 (don’t worry, you don’t look a day over 25) and I thought you might appreciate some advice to help you survive the next few years…

1. Your music taste won’t get any cooler (you’ll always have a weakness for a boy band). Embrace it. Ignore the music snobs. Don’t be afraid to like what you like. If music makes you happy, it’s good music. Turn it up and sing your tone-deaf heart out.

2. Don’t worry, you’ll grow into your ears. Your nose, not so much. But please, don’t harbour any thoughts about plastic surgery – your flaws gives you character. Plus, you’ll learn how to angle yourself in photographs so you look less like Pinocchio.

3. Leave your eyebrows alone! I know it’s hard to believe, but one day it will be fashionable to have thick eyebrows. By all means sort out the monobrow, but please don’t pluck them into oblivion. You’ll regret it. Trust me.

4. Enjoy your freedom. Don’t be in a rush to settle down; that will come with time. You have the world at your feet. Travel. Explore.

5. Embrace your love of learning. Don’t be afraid of looking like a ‘boffin’. You know you can achieve reasonably decent grades without trying too hard, but just imagine what can happen if you REALLY try. I know you’re scared of failing if you try too hard, but dare to do it. Dare to try. You’ll surprise yourself.

6. You’ll get your first boyfriend soon (Really) And you’ll panic that because you’ve agreed to be his girlfriend, it means you will be stuck with him forever and will have to marry him. You wont. You also wont be alone forever when you break up after a month.

7. I promise you that one day you won’t care what people think about you. And I mean that in a good way. One day you will become comfortable in your own skin, and will actually like the person you’ve become. It will be a bumpy journey but every obstacle you encounter along the way, will take you one step closer.

8. Treasure your friendships. Nurture them, Some of the people in your life now will remain there forever. Your relationships with your friends won’t always be as intense as they are now – you can’t live in each others’ pockets forever, but you are laying the foundations of lasting friendships. You will go years without seeing some of your best friends when you’re all grown up, but when you do see them, it will be like you’ve never been apart.

9, Clothes exist in colours other than black. Be adventurous. Colour suits you. You don’t need to fade into the background – you’re fabulous. Let people see your sparkle. But you don’t suit orange.

10. You’ll always love a list.

See ya in 15 years. Enjoy the ride, kid.

SB x

One thought on “A letter to my teenage self

  1. LOVE this post. I wrote a similar post ages ago, and realised while writing it that it wasn’t all a rant – some of it was “you’re not going to believe what you did” kind of things.


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