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I really want a tattoo. At least, I think I do…

As I approach my 30th birthday (feel free to send presents. I like pretty things. ) I’ve been seriously considering getting a tattoo. On my hand, of all places. Something small and delicate, but a tattoo nonetheless.

People who know me would be likely to burst out laughing/stare at me in horror if I told them I wanted a tattoo. Indeed, one of my dearest friends told me it would be “the most shocking thing” I could do. I’m just not the kind of girl who gets tattoos. I’m clean cut, I’m innocent, I’m a good girl. Or at least that’s the perception most people have of me. Usually based on how I look, I think. I often feel that my image doesn’t match my personality – or that I rein in my personality to match my image. A tattoo would be a way of displaying my true personality on the outside.

Because deep down, I feel like I am the kind of girl who gets tattoos. I think. Or at least, I want to be. So if I get a tattoo will I be that kind of girl? Or still me, pretending to be that kind of girl?

The sensible part of me knows that I should only get a tattoo for me – not just to prove something to other people. The fact that I want the tattoo on my hand, suggests that maybe that isn’t the case. If it was just for me I would have it somewhere more discrete, surely?

On the other hand (no pun intended), I want it somewhere visible so that I can see it whenever I want reminding of it. I want it to be something that motivates me when I look at it – reminds me that actually I am stronger and more ballsy, than people give me credit for. Than I give myself credit for. Because I think that’s really the point. I want a tattoo to prove a point to myself more than to other people. If I want to be the kind of girl that gets tattoos, I can be. That power is in my hands. And to have a permanent reminder of that on my hand, would be quite fitting, I think.

I wrote this post to help me make up my mind, and I’m still not sure I know the answer. I’m sure I would feel at least a small element of regret either way.  But the thought of getting a tattoo excites me. And do you know what? I think I might just do it.

Watch this space…

SB x

2 thoughts on “I really want a tattoo. At least, I think I do…

  1. Go for it girl ! I have 4 now and I love them ! Aslong as they mean something !! Then go for it it’s art at the end of the day and you are your own person to make your own decisions you want to get a tattoo. Get a tattoo ! X x


  2. just remember… once you get one, you’re gonna want to get more! …just make sure you’re getting one that you really love somewhere that you will never regret getting 🙂 the typical advice.


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