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10 things you don’t know about me*

*unless you already do.

1. I once fell off a horse in front of TV legend, Dawn French. Accidentally. Not as a deliberate attempt to get her attention. I was fine, thanks for asking.

2. I went indoor skydiving on a first date and knocked out the instructor’s front tooth. Again, accidentally. I never saw the guy I was on the date with again; I imagine he must have been quite fond of his teeth.

(2.5. I’m not as accident prone as points 1 and 2 would lead you to believe.)

3. I have an unnatural obsession with the number 24. Peek inside my head (be gentle) and you’ll see me constantly trying to get the things I see around me to add up to 24.

4. I can’t blow my nose.

5. I can’t go near a banana, and wet wooden spoons freak me out more than anything. If you really hate me, force feed me bananas from a wet wooden spoon. (Don’t.)

6. I have suffered from and subsequently beaten, depression. I really want to help break the stigma surrounding the condition but am not yet sure how to do this. Ideas on a postcard please.

7. Words are my actual favourite thing in the whole world.

8. After an accident involving a paving slab and my big toe, I can’t touch my big toenails without wanting to be sick. Touch my toe and you’re likely to receive a foot to the face. You have been warned.

9. I dyed my hair brown once. It was the most miserable 48 hours of my life.

10. It is my dream to be able to legitimately call myself a writer one day.

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