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A love letter to my home town

Dear Milton Keynes,

I love you. Perhaps that’s a bit forward, but it’s true. I was out and about in you yesterday, on the most beautiful early spring day and you were looking amazing. Now I know that everywhere looks great in the sunshine, but you REALLY do. Like, really really do. Because you are super young and energetic and exciting, and when the sun shines on you, it seems to highlight your fun and vibrancy; you practically dance and skip around and show yourself off. Which is another thing I love about you – you’re completely unashamed about who you are – and rightly so. Like Taylor Swift said, “Haters gonna hate” but you just carry on doing your thing loudly and proudly.

I got rather cross on your behalf yesterday. I spent some time hanging out by The Point (,_Milton_Keynes – for those of you who aren’t familiar with it) and I was struck by the injustice of the fact that it’s going to be demolished. As a new town, history is naturally lacking. So in what world does it make sense to remove one your most historic structures? I would love to know who thought “I know what Milton Keynes needs – less history and more shops”. Sure, it’s looking a little unloved, and some people might even call it *whisper it* ugly, but it’s distinctive and all it needs is a little love and care; somebody to nurture it and bring it back to life.

So I know I’m a little biased as you are my home town – actually hold up on that point – town? City? We all know that you’re technically not a city,but you insist on calling yourself one. It’s aspirational – I like it. Very cute. So yeah, you’re my home city and I spent my formative years in you. I also chose to move back here and raise my child here, so although I am a little biased, I’m also perfectly placed to judge. You definitely have a cheeky sense of humour which I think you should exploit more. Make the most of your uniqueness and have fun with it.

You’ve got your haters and you know it, but ignore them. They don’t understand. They just see shops and a concrete jungle of roundabouts and cows. Yawn. Such a cliché. They don’t see the hidden charms, the open spaces, the communities, the heart. But it’s their loss, and the fewer people who realise how wonderful you are, the fewer people I have to share you with. So I’m not complaining.

But just know that you’ve always got me – your number one fan, who will defend you to the hilt. A protective little sister maybe. Or your super-cool mate that you secretly fancy. Yeah, let’s go with that one.

Love always.

S B x

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