Welcome to my new blog!

Hi, and welcome to my newly revamped blog! A Skinny Bitch Bitches has had a bit of a makeover and become Teacups & Trainers. All of the old content is still here (with shiny new categories too – look ^^!) and I’ll still be writing about the same sorts of things, but I wanted to expand a bit and also make it more personal. So I’ll be writing more about my experiences of parenting and documenting my health and fitness journey (Gah. I used the word journey in a non-ironic way. Soz). I’m also hoping to add photos (although I should probably buy a decent camera – iPhone 4 is NOT good for pictures) and some lifestyle pieces. It’s basically going to be me in a blog. Hopefully.

Oh, and if you follow me on Instagram (and if not, why not – @joanna__sarah – hit me up) you’ll know that Teacups & Trainers is a totally appropriate name, given my inability to take pictures of anything other than cups of tea and my feet.

So that’s it in a nutshell.  I’m planning to post a lot more often and the first new post is coming very soon, so please feel free to stick around and give that follow button a little nudge too…

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