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Parenting pet peeve #1

I have a lot of pet hates, that’s just the kinda gal I am. But parenting has expanded this list significantly. So much so that it warrants its own Parenting Pet Peeves series. And so I present to you PPP #1:

Inappropriate clothes for kids. (Particularly babies)

When you announce that you’re pregnant, people will buy you loads of clothes for the baby. Which is awesome and kind and generous and all that jazz (and I am NOT ungrateful at all. I swear), but anyone who thinks that I’m going to dress my fresh-from-the-womb-soft-as-a-very-soft-thing newborn in jeans is very much mistaken. All babies do for the first six months is sleep, drink milk, cry, repeat. Their only requirement for clothing is that it’s comfortable. And preferably vom-proof. Jeans are seriously uncomfortable. I take mine off the second I enter the house (PJ bottoms for life) and it makes me cry a little on the inside (and I’ll admit it – sometimes eye-roll on the outside) when I see tiny babies dressed up like mini adults. Did you know you can buy trousers for babies with belts and braces? Like seriously? Who thought that was a good idea? These sproglets have just spent nine months swimming around in amniotic fluid – they would probably be more comfortable in armbands and swimming trunks than half the stuff I see in the shops. Ditto for shoes on babies who don’t even know where their feet are, let alone how to use them. They serve no purpose other than a fashion accessory, and those little toes need room to breathe and grow.

The Toddler is now 2.5 so jeans and shoes do of course make up part of his wardrobe, but my attention has now been caught by the amount of inappropriate slogans on kids’ clothes. I bought an innocent looking set of socks the other day, but when I got them home I noticed that one of them bore the slogan “chicks dig me”. Sure, it’s just an innocent looking play on words on the digger theme, but it really doesn’t sit comfortably with me. I’m well aware that I might be in the minority with this view, but my child is two years old. Two. Why do we need to have clothes that project adult (or certainly older than toddler) emotions and themes on them? What’s wrong with “I love diggers”? At two years old, girls are his friends and that’s it. Pure and simple. Please let’s just let kids be kids.

A slightly more irrational dislike of mine is toddlers wearing clothes emblazoned with ‘I heart NYC’, or Rolling Stones T-shirts. Now, toddlers have opinions on most things within their own little world. Okay everything within in their own little world, but I’m fairly confident that they aren’t actually aware of the merits of New York City and couldn’t name a single Rolling Stones track. (If your child actually can do this, then erm wow) and it just seems like a way to project parental tastes onto children, who are essentially a blank canvas. Obviously this does no actual harm, and the more rational side of my brain says it’s no different to deciding whether your child wears a jumper with a fox or an owl on it, but it’s just something I don’t like. And what’s life without petty things to grumble about eh?

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