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So, I’m going to run a marathon.

Brighton Marathon to be precise.

Although as I sit here, shin-splint-ravaged legs elevated (all about that RICE), and having run a total of 1 kilometre in the past fortnight, it doesn’t seem like the most achievable of goals.

I mean, I’m probs being a little dramatic; I have been suffering from a rather nasty case of shin splints, likely brought on by too much racing and speed work over the past few months (did I mention I won a race? I did. I won a race. See my smiley face down there?), but two weeks of rest later and I seem to be coming out the other side.


Winner winner chicken dinner. 1st place in the 5k event at the Women’s Running 10k, Milton Keynes. July 2016


I’m going to be knocking speed work on the head for a while now though, and really focusing on building up the distance gradually – sticking to a snail’s pace for the foreseeable future –  along with a truck-tonne of strength work, focusing largely on glutes and legs. From the research I’ve done, it appears that glutes are the key to EVERYTHING. I love a good peachy posterior, but fingers crossed my buns of steel will also be the key to keeping me injury free. I am TERRIFIED of getting injured again, and when I went out for a 1k tester run yesterday (I know. 1km. It felt as ridiculous as it sounds), I was practically tip-toeing along, trying to land as gently as possible. It was pain-free though, so huzzah for progress.

The injury means I’ve had to reassess my goals for the year. I was originally planning to train for a 10k PB/sub-50 this summer, with my goal race at the end of September, but Brighton is the most important goal now, so I don’t want to jeopardise that with too much speed work this early into my recovery. So, I’ll still be running that 10k race but my goal now is to build up my strength so that I can strongly and comfortably run the distance on race day, without worrying too much about time. If I feel good and a PB happens, then happy days, but that’s not what I’m training for.

With a half marathon in December, and a 20 miler in March, I plan to use these as the cornerstones to my training, and make sure that I’m strong and comfortable over all of these distances in readiness for April 9th. Easy as that.

Finally, and most importantly, I am running Brighton in aid of the RSPCA. Anyone who knows me knows how much of a cat lady I am, and my cats have always been adopted from the RSPCA. I actually struggle to read too much about the work they do, as I find it so upsetting, but suffice to say they do incredibly valuable work in often incredibly tough conditions. Any donation would therefore be greatly appreciated, and will spur me on through the long months of training ahead. Go on, you know you want to. I’ll also be running the race in whiskers so there’s that.

Justgiving fundraising page




I’ll be (aiming to) keep this blog updated with how my training is going, so please do stay tuned and I’ll attempt to keep you entertained. Tips/help/advice all welcome!

12 thoughts on “So, I’m going to run a marathon.

      1. I did the BMO Vancouver Marathon. Was such a great experience. Took my time and did a full year of training, really pushing myself in the last 16 weeks. Signed up for the BMO Vancouver Marathon 17 witih several shorter races inbetween. Excited. You will rock it! It is all about preparing for that last 10k, the most difficult part of the race.


  1. Good luck with the training JB. You’ll definitely be ready by April next year. Don’t push too hard in March though … just short runs during the taper. Try to peak in February.

    I’ve been using these compression socks for about three months and they really help with recovery. -

    I use them whenever I’m not running – after every run, non running days, at night. I did 32km last weekend (on Saturday), wore them afterwards, Sunday, Monday – legs felt fine during my 8km commute Monday afternoon.

    Take care …


  2. Hi! I’m running the Brighton Marathon 2017 also! I found your blog whilst looking for motivation as an old hamstring injury has decide to come back to bite me in the bum. And calf. Stuck with cross training for a little bit and feeling terrified that I’m not upping my milage as per the plan! I hope your training is going well and you managed to fully recover from your injury!


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