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Happy Returns & Happy Things

I’m never not going to be one of those people who doesn’t make a big fuss of their birthday. Direct quote from a colleague this week – “I’ve never known somebody get as excited about their birthday as you do. Except kids.” As somebody recovering from depression I’m gonna take my happiness where I can get it, and birthdays make me happy. Presents, attention, cards, cake – yeah, I’m all about that.

So, 32.

31 was pretty good. I ran my first two half marathons, and got my London Marathon place. My son turned 4 and seems to be developing into a pretty good egg. Life is pretty sweet.

What’s making it even sweeter is that what started as a pipe dream appears to be turning into a reality. See, I started this blog for two reasons. 1. Because I love words. Reading them, writing them, saying them to people until they wish I would shut up; they’re my thang. 2. Because I really wanted to write for a living. For magazines preferably. For running magazines doubly preferably. So I figured that the blog could act as a portfolio and that I would get ‘spotted’ or something. I’m not sure I ever actually believed that could/would happen though.

And two pretty cool things have happened this year:

I actually got ‘spotted’. runABC got in touch to ask if I would like to contribute to a debate piece they were writing about the use of pacers, after they read my post about the subject.  So along with causing a merry ol’ debate on Twitter, it meant that my words were published in a running magazine, for the first time.

A race review of my favourite race followed, before they got in touch to ask whether I would like to write a column for them throughout 2017. Flippin’ Nora. Two columns have been published so far, and I’m really pleased with them. Published writer. Literal dream come true.



The second of those sweet, exciting things to happen is that Teacups & Trainers got nominated for a 2017 Running Award. Total LOLs right? I have no idea who nominated me, so if it was you, thank you! Not only did I get nominated but I’ve somehow managed to fluke making the shortlist of the final 12. Another thank you to everyone who voted to get me this far. The icing on the (birthday) cake would be to make the top 3, so if you think I’m worthy and this blog has made you smile, laugh, think, cry, or emote in any other way then please do consider sparing me a vote by clicking on the vote below. I’d be like, super grateful.



Here’s to 32. May it not be shit.

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