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My small boobs and me.

You know the fried egg emoji? Two of those, side-by-side – those are my boobs. Flat as a pancake. Always have been. Except for three days post-partum when my milk came in and ‘ohmygod what are these giant boulders on my chest that are burning like the sun’.

It – they – used to REALLY bother me. I wasn’t exactly the cool kid at school anyway, and being the only one in my peer group not to need a bra did NOT help that situation. Even at uni – tottering around in short skirts, to convince myself that I had legs so who needed boobs – I still wasn’t at peace with them. Or myself clearly, given that I was evidently basing my self-worth on my vital statistics.

Fast forward 10+ years and with the self-ease that being in your 30s brings, I am perfectly happy with my fried eggs thank you very much, and frankly wouldn’t know what to do with big boobs given the opportunity.

But when I was approached by Shock Absorber to review one of their sports bras, my initial reaction was that I wasn’t the right boobs for the job. Until I realised that I – who never gives a second thought to chest support whilst running – could certainly do with an education on the matter.

Apparently, even AA breasts can move as much as 8mm when running, which can strain the ligaments int he breast causing irreversible damage. So even though I didn’t feel like I was bouncing around much during running, maybe I was.

So I chose Active Multi Sports Support bra in this fine colour…


I went for a 32B, which is my normal bra size and it fit really well. First impressions were that it is really comfy. The shoulder straps don’t dig in and it isn’t too tight around the chest.

Now, to be honest, it’s a little difficult for me to gauge it’s effectiveness whilst running. I’ve worn it a few times and like I said – I don’t ever really feel any bounce whilst wearing the basic crop tops I usually wear, so the main thing I can say is that this was no different. It feels incredibly well made though, and I could definitely imagine that it would carry extra weight with ease. I have also heard glowing reviews about Shock Absorber bras from runners more well-endowed than me.

I also tend to end up rather sore around the back strap (is that what it’s called?) area after a run, and can feel rather uncomfortable, but I had no such discomfort running in this bra, which is obviously ace.

Although I probably wouldn’t have forked out for the bra myself, I’m glad that I now have one and will continue to wear it. They may be little, but my boobs need just as much care as anyone else’s.

Also, it’s really pretty.

*Full disclaimer. I was sent the sports bra for free in exchange for this review. All thoughts, opinions and fried eggs are my own.

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