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A promise and a review

I promise that I’m going to start blogging on the regular again. I have so much i want to write about – namely a couple of big upcoming races (big to me, rather than in distance. Although 10k does feel like a bloody long way when you’re 6k deep and dying on your arse), and a new-found obsession with the gym.  But time – I have like zero of it. I’ll try harder though, I promise.

Anyway, onto today’s post and you might remember that a few months ago I reviewed a pair of Oofos recovery shoes. What do you mean you don’t recall every single one of my posts? Sigh. Here it is.

In summary, I liked the shoe for its recovery qualities, but hated how it looked. It wasn’t something I would particularly want to wear out of the house, and wasn’t suitable for winter.

Following this review, Oofos got in touch and asked would I like to try their new shoes when they came out. They look much nicer, they promised. Sold, said I.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago, and these babies arrived.



Well played Oofos, well played.

So these are the OOmg shoe – the same shock-absorbing properties as the original Oofos, but closed-toe and closed-back.


I actually received them just as I was about to go for a run, so I put them straight to the test when I got back, and OOMg they are crazy comfy. I wore them around the house for the rest of the day, and they were great – I won’t be as wanky as to say it was like walking on clouds, but maybe sheep or something.


Due to their non-ugliness, I’ve also been wearing them out of the house too. Mainly to the gym actually. Because of the arch support, I don’t wear them for leg workouts because I need to be able to feel my feet on the floor, but for upper body and core days they’re my go-to footwear. Gym days are usually my running rest days, so my body is usually feeling the effects of the previous day’s run in some way or another – usually my lower back and hips if it was a speed session – and these shoes mean that I can walk around without any undue pressure passing through my body.


Nice one Oofos. Would recommend.


*Full disclaimer. This product was sent to me in exchange for a review. All opinions and wanky metaphors my own.

2 thoughts on “A promise and a review

  1. Ooh thanks for this. I bought some Oofos flip flops this summer and have loved wearing them after long runs, but they won’t be quite so suitable through a Scottish winter lol! I’ll keep an eye out for those new shoes as they sound ideal 🙂

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