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JD Williams sports kit review

If there’s a runner out there who doesn’t like buying new kit I’m yet to meet them. I genuinely once had to clear out some of my non-running clothes to make room for more kit.

So when JD Williams got in touch to ask if I’d like to review some bits from their new sportswear collection, there wasn’t any much chance of me turning that down.

The first thing to note about their collection – found here is that if you’re small (think size 6-8) like me, then you might find that many of the items don’t come in your size.

​But I filtered away, and found some good bits.
Leggings are a runners’ staple so these Puma beauts were a no-brainer. I tried them out on a chilly run, and they were comfy which was great but a little too thin for winter weather in my opinion. They’ll be perfect for spring/summer and for wearing to the gym but I’m rather a delicate flower and need a bit more warmth on my limbs when it’s chilly out.
I’d been after some non-tight (baggy, I guess I mean. But why use one word when you can use two?) trousers to wear to the gym; something a bit more casual for when I do upper-body work and don’t really need to see what my form is doing down below. These Reebok trousers are great for that – again, super comfy and fleece-lined so really good for winter. In fact, I’ve been wearing them around the house in this cold weather as they’re too darn comfy to take off.
None of my gym visits are complete without a wanky mirror selfie wearing just a sports bra, so I gave this Under Armour number a whirl. It was by far my favourite item and has already become my gym staple; it’s particularly nice for layering underneath loose fitting gym tees.
So there you have it. Like I said, if you’re a size 6 or 8 you might struggle to find a lot of items in your size, but the website has a decent range of brands so I’m fairly confident that most people will find something they love on there.
  • These items were given to me in exchange for a review. All opinions my own honest ones. Link is not an affiliate link.

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