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I’ve got SOLE: review.

Some reviews are so easy to write that they practically write themselves, but some are that little bit harder. Added to that the backlash against ‘influencer’ (vomit) reviews, and I’ve found writing this post pretty tricky. But here it is.

So, the product: SOLE footbeds

Screenshot (2)

These are insoles which are designed to mould to the shape of your foot, either through wear or heating in the oven and moulding your foot to them.

They state on their website :

“All SOLE footbeds are designed with the same signature orthopedic shape featuring a supportive arch, deep heel cup and moldable orthopedic base. With three different levels of cushioning and varying features, there is a SOLE footbed that perfectly suits your needs. SOLE footbeds are heat/wear moldable to provide a customized fit that acts as a dynamic second skin, equalizing pressure distribution while optimizing your foot’s natural motion.”

Having suffered with plantar fasciitis for many months now, I thought these would be worth giving a go and have been running in them for two months now.
I chose to wear mine in and let them mould to my feet over time, rather than the oven method (too much faff and I’m lazy). I currently run in two pairs of trainers – my midweek trainers (most of my midweek runs are done at work so I leave a pair under my desk for ease) which have seen better days and will be replaced once funds allow (I ran the London Marathon in them almost a year ago now :/) and my weekend shoes which are brand new and only used for long runs and races.
I figured my midweek trainers could use all the help they can get so gave them a whirl in these. The first thing I noticed was that I felt taller! They’ve definitely got some bulk to them. Not necessarily a bad thing, but it took a couple of runs to get used to. Over time (presumably as they shaped to my feet) I forgot they were there and they were pretty comfortable to run in.


I haven’t experienced any plantar fasciiitis pain during runs whilst using the insoles, which is an obvious plus. However, I also don’t experience PF pain when running in my new, weekend trainers. So whilst the insoles appear to better than running in past-their-best trainers, I can’t say I noticed a difference between these and well-cushioned shoes.

My PF pain outside of running hasn’t improved at all, but to be honest this wasn’t something I was expecting an insole to achieve.

I have been increasing my mileage recently and – unusually for me – have had no shin side-effects, which could be put down to the insoles – of course it’s impossible to tell though.


My overall verdict was that as a way to prolong the life of my midweek trainers these worked well, however the impact on my plantar fasciitis has been negligible.

*I was sent this product in exchange for a review. All opinions my own.


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